Artistic Message


Strong messages committed to poor materials

My artistic message is realized through the use and the blending of unusual materials, different in appearance, weight and texture.
Geometry and rigidity steeped in twisted and vibrant shapes
Polyurethane and putlogs made of steel, objects abused by the time, treated with varnish and combined with the national flags
From the combination of so "contrasting" materials, comes out a work with a strong emotional impact that speak directly to the stomach of the observer before being rationally metabolized.
The fundamental symbolic value is represented by the heavy metallic putlog, used in a multifaceted way: now representic a rigid, cold, separating element with the negative value of the element that crushes and subdues, now with the positive value of the point of reference, load-bearing and immovable.
My geological studies had strong influence on my artistic message: they affect both the colours and the exasperated substance of my works.
Equally important is the influence of the events in the history and in the news, dramatic events that have affected and still affect the existence of the whole humanity and that through my work I try to sum up in a cathartic and symbolic freeze-frame, without anything openly speaking of the represented event.
Strong messages committed to poor but highly evocative materials.