Vincenzo “Maurizio” Romeo

Born in La Spezia on Jan. 3, 1963, but of Sicilian origins
Son of a naval officer , with his family he follows his father’s assignments all throughout Italy, and this gets him to know  different people and places, enriching his personal sensitiveness.
After the graduation with a Science High sChool diploma, he moves from Taranto to Ferrara where he gets a degree in Earth Science.
The geological studies influence significantly the shapes and the colors used by the artist.
His professional life is characterized by a form of polyhedral restlessness that leads him to travel along paths that have nothing to do with each other but converge in a constant feature through all these years: the artistic production.
The decisive meeting with his partner in 2004, takes him to Naples, a city that affects deeply his mind with the strength of its extreme contrasts, pushing him to abandon the figurative towards the realization of deeply evocative works.
He lives and works between Ferrara and Naples.
His artistic formation is proudly self-taught.
He conceives painting as the best free expression of the spirit, not just pure formation and technical skills.
He often materializes his work on canvas without any prescribed pattern, and it comes out quite spontaneously as a result of the randomness of the act and the mixing of colours that suddenly recalls present – but latent in the artist’s mind – images, by making them emerge.
In the searching of the best materials to express his artistic message, he uses polyurethane material, whose ductility and lightness, associated with the rigidity and the weight of a thick metal putlogs is well suited for the realization of works with a strong visual and emotional impact.

"The artistic production of Maurizio Romeo comes from his desire to give spontaneous forms a new dimension (…) in this visual adventure Romeo expertly uses material, wrought and combined with skill, giving it the third dimension, adding substance, dynamic forms full of historical-artistic references but with a story and a life on their own.
In his works, Romeo doesn’t intend to delimit the borders but he tries to explain his world, he experiences new colors, melts the pigments, making them penetrate, not just melting but integrating them, he looks for new informal borders and pays homage to the figurative visual art, every work eventually seems to recall something that has always belonged to us.
Romeo takes us through his path in the complex world of his works, leaving us the joy of unveiling it. "

Luca Renna - Gallery owner and art critic



Coming soon

Art fair ARTIST OF THE WORLD from 22 to 26 september 2017 in CANNES (FRA)
Biennale della Versilia at “Villa Gori Stiava” in Massarosa (LU) from 14 to 24 July 2017


February 2016
Art Winwood 2016 :” President’s art fairs” in Miami USA
December 2015
Resident artist at “White Dot Gallery” in Miami USA
March 2015
Solo exhibition at the cultural association Alba Via Toledo in Naples
December 2014
Event "Aperitif Art" in Naples
March 2012
Solo exhibition at the Wine Bar and Art Gallery "La Borsa" in Ferrara
January 2010
Collective International "Open Art 2010" at the "Sale del Bramante" of the Church of Santa Maria del Popolo in Rome
August 2009
Collective "Art and Music" at the "Sale dell ’Imbarcadero" of the Estense Castle in Ferrara
May 2009
Solo exhibition at the gallery "Raphael Art Gallery" in Lecce.
Collective "Beyond the Garden" at the gallery "Rosso Cinabro" in Rome.
April 2009
He won the "Special Mention" of the jury in the exhibition / competition, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, "Matter Reborn" with the installation of waste on polyurethane "Italian Garden" at the Logos Gallery of Trastevere in Rome.
March / April 2009
Solo exhibition at the wine bar and gallery "La Borsa" in Ferrara.
January 2009
Solo exhibition at the gallery "Logos" in Rome.
October 2008
Contest Exhibition at the gallery AM ROTEN HOF in Vienna
July 2008
Solo exhibition at the wine bar and art gallery "B-Side" in Ferrara
December 2007
Solo exhibition at the wine bar and art gallery "Fusion" in Ferrara